My husband says I should never read the paper. It gets me all worked up. It’s true; I am not a big reader of newspapers; I’ve always found more satisfaction in a novel than the newspaper. And if I read a paper first thing in the morning, it’s almost more than I can bear.  Is it the violent crime? The political corruption? The economic and/or meteorological catastrophes? Well, yes– but it’s more.  What gets me most? The sheer idiocy at work out there.

This morning I’m reading about the horrible case of 36 year old Marie Joseph in Fall River who drowned in a public pool so murky, her dead body wasn’t discovered until it floated to the surface two days later. According to the Boston Globe, one of the pool supervisors who is now the target of  criminal  charges–Brian Shanahan– said he didn’t think it was his responsibility to ask the Public Health Dept. to inspect the pool.  And I quote:

“He (Shanahan) likened his approach to driving a car without a current inspection: You drive the car and wait to be pulled over; only then do you get  an inspection sticker.”

Huh? You mean, if you get away with the crime– it’s OK?

One more question. Can someone be sent to jail for just being a moron?

Marie JosephR.I.P. Marie.