I get up everyday and I think I know what’s going to happen– and then it doesn’t– and something else does. Several days ago I wandered into an art gallery out in Lincoln which happened to be near my bank– The CLARK Gallery!  It’s a fabulous venue recently named  BEST OF BOSTON and I was seized by an extraordinary exhibition by an artist who is –get this– on a marathon to do a painting a week for 52 weeks and he’s half way there! (Channel 5’s venerable show CHRONICLE just did a story on him last week.)

His name?James Aponovich. His subject? The still life–ironic for a painter who won’t sit still.  And despite how quickly he works, he’s got a technique that’s absolutely pristine, a color sense to die for, fruit so hyper real I could smell it– if I weren’t utterly overcome by its sheer visual impact.  You can follow  APONOVICH 52  week to week and see what paintings James creates, plus read his insights about his whole creative process!

But nothing beats seeing still life in real life, so meander on out to Lincoln this warm Fall weekend, check out the fruit at CLARK gallery, then keep heading west to pick the real thing at my favorite apple orchard: Shelburne Farm in Stow. And while you’re at it, go all the way and try the hot fresh apple cider donuts. And that’s what I call art imitating life.

Now that I’m in the mood,  I’m all set to play the artist. I happened to make the acquaintance of artist Mark Cooper who donated one of his paintings to the big ARTCETERA event the other night!  His latest project involves inviting friends to pop into his studio and create their own installations from his works! We can  do anything to whatever work he’s got there!  I offered to bring a blowtorch, silly putty, and a can of  gold spray paint. If this exercise is anything like a rorschach (and it is) I’ve just revealed too much. I head off shortly to create an installation in his studio, then I’m off to see the writer/director/star George Clooney’s latest creation: THE IDES OF MARCH! Stay tuned for my review!