I’ve found myself at odds with the prevailing winds. But as always, I’m blowing my own way. Here’s what I thought of:

– Woody Allen’s MIDNIGHT IN PARIS–it’s slight but funny with a romantic spirit and an appealing performance by Woody’s alter ego Owen Wilson as a writer enthralled with Paris in the 20’s. By some mysterious twist of fate and time, he meets his glamorous idols– F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, and an “ultra earnest” Hemingway– and we enjoy the creme de la creme of cameos: Adrien Brody as a surreally revvedup Dali!! Kathy Bates as a motherly Gertrude Stein! Watch for French first lady Carla Bruni, and the ever-devastating Marion Cotillard! Frothy fun about the illusory romance of the past…

–COMPANY ONE’S production of “1001.” Hated it. It is NOT sexy. It is not inventive. It is badly acted, badly directed, badly written, ill-conceived, and inaudible. Framed like a time traveling version of Scheherezade, it strands Gustave Flaubert, Osama Bin Laden, and a raft of other unfortunate souls on a sea of claptrap about the power of narrative– “change the narrative– change the world.” It plays like one of those pretentious late night conversations in a college dorm room after much marijuana. Maybe that’s what was missing.

— MATT & BEN over at Central Square. Actresses do pointless impersonations of MATT & BEN and how they made it. Matt is annoying, Ben is a lunk, and the GOOD WILL HUNTING script dropped out of nowhere. The 70 minutes it took for this not very funny skit to peter out– felt like 170. It’s been extended through 8/14.

Onscreen, I have also already seen CRAZY STUPID LOVE and SARAH’S KEY — will review when they officially open in Boston.

That’s all for now, folks!