When Melania Trump stared straight into the camera and said, “My word is my bond,” and those words were stolen–whose bond was it? Were the words binding at all? Did that constitute a public promise? What value do any of our words have, and has that value wavered over time? These are among the questions stimulated by a new free public art installation called PUBLIC TRUST which is currently making the rounds here in Boston. It was commissioned by Kate Gilbert Director of NOW + THERE and was executed by Brooklyn-based artist Paul Ramirez Jonas whose interactive art exhibit I saw in action.

PUBLIC TRUST has moved on from Roxbury’s Dudley Square and Kendall Square in Cambridge (9/3-9/10) to its final stop in Copley Square (9/11-17) for a total of 21 days in Greater Boston. With the help of 13 Artist Ambassadors everyone who makes a promise will see it posted on the big billboard, as well as online and eventually gathered in a book to be published. And speaking of books—I made a promise. I’ve been talking about it for years but now I’ve sworn to it in public: I promise to write my book. Time will tell if talk is cheap.