We knew him first as Michael “Meathead” Stivic–Archie Bunker’s liberal son-in-law on Norman Lear’s iconic TV series ALL IN THE FAMILY. The actor, writer, producer, director eventually went on to helm Oscar-nominated movies THE PRINCESS BRIDE, THIS IS SPINAL TAP, and his masterpiece STAND BY ME, as well as WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT,  MISERY, A FEW GOOD MEN not to mention co-writing the first episode of the TV series HAPPY DAYS! His latest film AND SO IT GOES stars Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton; he’s an embittered, widowed realtor suddenly forced to take care of a 9 year-old granddaughter he’s never met when his son heads off to prison, and she is his next-door neighbor and aspiring cabaret singer who pitches in to help!  Here’s the trailer:

I recently sat down with Rob Reiner in Boston to talk about his latest film, its Oscar winning stars, and what’s Better After 50!

AND SO IT GOES is rated PG-13 is 94 minutes long and is set to open on July 25th!