I’ve seen this film and I loved it and invite you to click on the link below to access a FREE VIRTUAL screening of Focus Features and MSNBC FILMS:  THE WAY I SEE IT on Thursday, September 17th @ 7pm ET

This film begins with what Official White House Photographer Pete Souza saw and captured behind the scenes of two iconic presidencies– Ronald Reagan’s and Barack Obama’s. Inspired by the New York Times #1 bestseller, the documentary directed by Dawn Porter gives us dual portraits–photographer and his subjects– and the results are moving, funny, revelatory.  Photographer Souza pulls back the curtain on two very different men, their political circles and the vastly different times in which they lived. These moments are filtered through his keen eye and abiding decency in the face of such private access. The trust between Souza and his subjects has facilitated extraordinarily intimate portraits revealing the spirit, temperament and caliber of these men, and how each bore the extraordinary weight of their offices while balancing personal responsibilities to their families and the electorate.

Souza spent 24/7 covering each of these presidents as the proverbial “fly on the wall,” and very little escaped his notice as he observed Reagan and Obama up close and unvarnished, alone and with their families, and in some of the most difficult moments in our history. I couldn’t get enough of these images. The film then steps back and lets us see how his subjects profoundly affected the photojournalist aiming the lens, Souza himself, who comes out from behind the camera to tell us not only what he saw beneath the surface– but how it affected him. This is a wholly unique and profoundly insightful film that will impact how you view the office of president going forward, and how the character of the men who hold that office shapes the way they and we face the issues before us.


LINK  https://gofobo.com/JoyceTWISI

Thursday, September 17th @ 7pm ET

Director: Dawn Porter

Producers: Evan Hayes (FREE SOLO), Laura Dern, Jayme Lemons, Dawn Porter

Running Time: 102 minutes

Genre:  Documentary

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Release Date:  Friday September 18, 2020 in theaters domestically and then premiering on MSNBC on Friday October 9, 2020 at 10:00pm EDT.

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