Feb 07 2020


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The movie event I live for ALL year is happening this weekend! The host-less 92nd Oscars are set to air this Sunday night, February 9 on ABC @8PM!!  I love the sartorial splendor, the rhetorical blunders, the offhand quips, and above all, Brad Pitt. Who is bound to win. He's won everything else, including our [...]

Jan 05 2020

MY TOP 10 MOVIES 2019– GO TO 11

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It was a notably lackluster year for movies. I searched in vain all last spring and most of the summer for something exciting, challenging, beautiful to see. It wasn't until this fall that a tidal wave of smart, absorbing, artful films were released before awards season, and I did my best to stay afloat in [...]

Dec 16 2019

2019 FILM CRITICS AWARDS: Boston Society of Film Critics/Boston Online Film Critics

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The critics have spoken-- and women ruled the Boston Society of Film Critics awards! "Little Women," much of it shot in and around Concord and Boston, topped the list of winners at the 39th installment of the BSFC awards, 2019. We gathered all day Sunday, December 15 to vote the best in 15 [...]

Oct 31 2019


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No doubt you've seen my review of PARASITE,  the most well-conceived, executed, and surprising movie out there now, but here's my take on a few more--worthy in whole, in part, or not at all... These films represent my wide-ranging interest in all kinds of movies, even as fewer and fewer of them are now playing [...]

Oct 22 2019


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It's all in the title: PARASITE, a meticulously calibrated, razor sharp masterpiece of humor, horror, and social commentary from Korean writer/director Bong Joon-Ho. "Parasite" which won the Palme d'Or at Cannes 2019-- and the first Korean film to win that honor--subverts all your expectations as it innocently works its way into your psyche. [...]

Jul 27 2019

MOVIE: “Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood”

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ONCE UPON A TIME... IN HOLLYWOOD is easily THE film of the summer, the year thus far, and maybe the decade. It's a climactic showstopper of an achievement, Quentin Tarantino's avowed penultimate 9th movie, a full-to-bursting valentine to movie-making and movie stars, his native Los Angeles, and an industry mirroring the turbulence of a culture [...]

Apr 26 2019


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ENTER-TO-WIN TO SEE IFC's "RED JOAN" AT KENDALL SQUARE CINEMA CLICK HERE TO ENTER: RED JOAN DIRECTED BY: Trevor Nunn STARRING: Judi Dench, Tom Hughes, Sophie Cookson, and Stephen Campbell Moore RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2019 (Boston) PLAYDATE THEATERS: AMC Boston Common, Kendall Square Cinema MPAA RATING: R RUNNING TIME: 110 Minutes SYNOPSIS: Joan [...]

Jan 02 2019


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SO many excellent films came out at the 11th hour-- meaning not until FALL  2018 (ridiculously late I might add), that it has taken me until now to see all the good stuff. Here is a list of my TOP TEN favorite films of 2018.  Many of these films allowed us to see ourselves in [...]

Aug 25 2018


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The dog days of summer feature two movies based on books that require some navigation through PC muddied waters. BLACKkKLANSMAN is Spike Lee's take on the "true" tale of Ron Stallworth (John David Washington, Denzel's son!) the first black detective on the Colorado Springs Police Force in the early '70's who infiltrates the Ku Klux [...]