I have just received the following notification from the Wayland Superintendent and Principal of the Middle School, and pass it along to all of you in an effort to help bring Allie Loftis  home. Please read:

“Last Saturday evening we sent out a message that Allie Loftis, a 13 year-old eighth grader at Wayland Middle School, was reported missing.  Since that time there has been an outpouring of concern and support.  Many people have asked us for updates, and unfortunately we have no additional news beyond what’s already been reported in the local press.  Allie’s parents have set up a Facebook page entitled Find Allie Loftis in which they briefly describe the situation, along with posting some pictures of Allie.   (You do not need a Facebook account to access this page.)  They are seeking to use the expansive power of the Internet and social network websites to extend the reach of their search, particularly in the New York City area.  In this context, they asked that we send out this notice informing the community about the new Facebook page.  As before, anyone who feels they have relevant information should immediately contact the Wayland police.  As time passes, the uncertainty intensifies our concerns, but thus far, this has been more than matched by our community’s intensified resolve to remain hopeful and giving.”


Paul Stein

Betsy Gavron
Principal, Wayland Middle School