Jun 16 2012


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I've always had a soft spot for Snow White. She was the only fairy tale princess I'd heard of who wasn't blonde, and the Disney cartoon was the first movie I ever saw as a child. I was entranced. I have taken all my fashion cues from her since then. Black haired beauties with white [...]

Jan 04 2012


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I was so angry with Steven Spielberg after I saw this movie. It had a perfectly good premise. A gorgeous horse named Joey and the poor English farm boy (Jeremy Irvine who looks like a young Tom Brady) who tamed and loved him, has to relinquish his pet to the brutality of World War I. [...]

Dec 23 2011


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Friends, my gift to you this Christmas weekend is a review of the most enchanting, witty, and brilliant film at the movies this year: THE ARTIST. More magical than HUGO, more universally appealing than THE DESCENDANTS, THE ARTIST speaks volumes without saying a word. It's a valentine to the movies that will leave you as [...]

Dec 01 2011


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HUGO is not the first "family" film ever directed by Martin Scorsese.  But it may be the first "family" film he's directed that didn't involve wiseguys shoving bodies in trunks in between mouthfuls of lasagna. Over the years,  Scorsese has focused his lens on various milieus that have their own special kinds of violence--  GOODFELLAS, [...]

Sep 29 2011


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Perhaps the Red Sox should take a break, take a field trip, and see if the solution to their colossal and historic implosion can be found at the movies in the entertaining new film MONEYBALL. The movie champions  those who challenge the conventional wisdom -- the ho-hummers who always say, "But that's how we've always done [...]

Oct 12 2010


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(Secretariat winning the Triple Crown June 9,1973) I just saw SECRETARIAT. The horse deserved a better movie. You have to know I love Secretariat. I have articles about the horse written by the great Bill Nack under my bed. I know arcane little details about the greatest racehorse of all time-like he had a perfect [...]

Jul 07 2010


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YES to BABIES which charts the first year in the life of four infants from around the globe, from San Francisco to Mongolia to Tokyo to Namibia! The film unfolds--sans dialogue--in extraordinary pictures like a fascinating wild life documentary--except the wild life is human. The common denominator is the love of the mothers for their [...]

Mar 10 2010


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I was with Alice from the minute she fell down that hole--and Tim Burton really took me there. ALICE IN WONDERLAND is a girl's journey. Unlike AVATAR in which the hero layers on a second, perfected self and thrusts himself into a new world doing battle in outer space, Alice falls inward in search of [...]

Dec 29 2009

Movie reviews: AVATAR/CORALINE(even better)

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Am having a movie orgy on vacation and just saw one that blows AVATAR out of the water-- CORALINE. If CORALINE was only half as brilliant as it is, it would still be 100 times more brilliant than AVATAR. I saw AVATAR a few weeks ago at a critics screening, and while I was initially [...]

Nov 25 2009

Celtic Woman/THE BLIND SIDE/Adam Lambert

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Today I met two of the Celtic Women of the Irish singing musical phenomenon CELTIC WOMAN in the flesh--the blonde frisky one with the fiddle--Mairaed Nesbitt, and she of the angelic voice and newest member of the group, Alex Sparke! They were divine. I interviewed them at WGBH  for PBS. They've got a new CD [...]