Jan 02 2019


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SO many excellent films came out at the 11th hour-- meaning not until FALL  2018 (ridiculously late I might add), that it has taken me until now to see all the good stuff. Here is a list of my TOP TEN favorite films of 2018.  Many of these films allowed us to see ourselves in [...]

Dec 17 2018

2018 FILM CRITICS AWARDS: Boston Society of Film Critics/Boston Online Film Critics!

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I love this annual marathon meeting-- our 38th-- of the BOSTON SOCIETY OF FILM CRITICS to decide our year end faves! We voted the "Best" in 15 categories topped by our BEST FILM of the year: the stunning IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK written and directed by Barry Jenkins, about a young African American couple in 1970's [...]

Dec 04 2018


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It's my favorite film so far this season: THE FAVOURITE, an 18th century biopic about British Queen Anne. A good old-fashioned, period costume drama? No bloody way. It's "Dangerous Liaisons" shot through the looking glass, except that it's "Anne" instead of "Alice," and "les liaisons" are decidedly and historically lesbian. THE FAVOURITE is [...]

Oct 09 2018


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I knew he was good, but even from the trailer I could tell SHE was good too. What I couldn't tell was just HOW good they would be together. Writer/director/composer/star Bradley Cooper found his muse in singer/composer/performance artist Lady Gaga; their alchemy is what tethered me to this moving, though imperfect film, and [...]

Aug 25 2018


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The dog days of summer feature two movies based on books that require some navigation through PC muddied waters. BLACKkKLANSMAN is Spike Lee's take on the "true" tale of Ron Stallworth (John David Washington, Denzel's son!) the first black detective on the Colorado Springs Police Force in the early '70's who infiltrates the Ku Klux [...]

Jul 12 2018

MOVIES: Rogers, Whitney, & Ruth

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Once again, I have waded through the summer's action-franchise-superhero swamp to find no new ground broken. "Jurasssic World: Fallen Kingdom" was a fun, velociraptorous romp through a gothic mansion. "Oceans 8" was an entertaining heist with fab female fashion and locations, but a plot full of holes which anchored its all-star female cast to a [...]

Jan 23 2018


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In one of the more entertaining Oscar nomination ceremonies in recent memory, Andy Serkis and Tiffany Haddish announced the nominations for the 90th Annual OSCARS this morning from California. THE SHAPE OF WATER lead with 13 nominations. By my calculation, there were a few flubs, snubs, & surprises: --Spielberg was snubbed as Best Director for [...]

Jan 20 2018


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If only PHANTOM THREAD had been based on real life couture god Charles James. At least the clothes would have been beautiful. Here Daniel Day-Lewis as designer Reynolds Woodcock spends the entire movie needling his seamstresses as they sweat over what look like aproned doilies and lumpy Halloween costumes. OK. A few of [...]

Dec 23 2017


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They didn't make my Five Fave Films of 2017 so far, nor are they all the Boston area Film Critics choices, but here’s another batch of films, like cookies for the holidays-- yummy & crummy; some to be savored, some to be consumed guiltily in the dark, and some cookies, well, should be tossed.  [...]

Dec 15 2017

FIVE FAVES: Call me by your name/Lady Bird/The Florida Project/Dawson City:Frozen Time, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

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It's been another tough year for me at the movies. The swamp of desperately-plotted comedy and superhero sequels clogged with action sludge-- pulled me down, but not out. I hung on until late fall, when the cinematic floodgates opened to release a wave of excellent movies I'm still riding.  I have not yet seen PHANTOM [...]