Dec 31 2019

THEATER: “MOBY DICK” A Whale of Premiere Musical Tale

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The American Repertory Theater's world premiere "musical reckoning" of Melville's masterpiece MOBY DICK is nothing to sneeze at. And yet, that's what I did in the penultimate moments of this 3 1/2 hour magnum opus;  my attempt to stifle a freakish, out of the blue, nasal explosion backfired, and to my utter shock and awe, [...]

Dec 20 2019


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Yes, you read that headline correctly. Christmas is being celebrated on other planets, and has special significance on those indiscreetly-named celestial bodies currently being invaded by Ryan Landry's GOLD DUST ORPHANS.  I laughed my ass off, and so will you! If you like silly, bawdy fun in the holiday spirit, then CHRISTMAS ON URANUS is [...]

Dec 16 2019

2019 FILM CRITICS AWARDS: Boston Society of Film Critics/Boston Online Film Critics

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The critics have spoken-- and women ruled the Boston Society of Film Critics awards! "Little Women," much of it shot in and around Concord and Boston, topped the list of winners at the 39th installment of the BSFC awards, 2019. We gathered all day Sunday, December 15 to vote the best in 15 [...]

Nov 26 2019


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Want some theater to digest this Thanksgiving weekend? Here's my take on what you might like! QUIXOTE NUEVO--This delightful new adaptation of Cervantes' "Don Quixote" by Octavio Solis is an illuminating, funny, heartbreaking, and wholly relevant musical adventure, and the first time I have fully connected with this classic saga of a hero tilting at [...]

Nov 22 2019


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"I heard you paint houses." It's an ominous line uttered in the first hour of the film, and the title of Charles Brandt's best-selling biography of the "housepainter" who may have killed Jimmy Hoffa, on which the film is based. My father actually did paint houses, and died of a heart attack while doing so. [...]

Nov 18 2019

WINTER FUN: December through February!

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The days are short. The holidays are long. You need time to cool down after an avalanche of obligations and kick back with family, friends or just by your delightful self, this dark and lovely season. Here's a winter wonderland of ways to enjoy the chill--this article also appearing in EXHALE MAGAZINE! Settle Into A [...]

Nov 01 2019


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There is a barrage of local theater on stages in and around Boston-- here's my take! Photo: Maggie Hall Photography ADMISSIONS-- Joshua Harmon's adroit take on one of the most incendiary issues of the day: diversity at an elite prep school. The play heats up on ignition when Maureen Keiller as admissions officer [...]

Oct 31 2019


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No doubt you've seen my review of PARASITE,  the most well-conceived, executed, and surprising movie out there now, but here's my take on a few more--worthy in whole, in part, or not at all... These films represent my wide-ranging interest in all kinds of movies, even as fewer and fewer of them are now playing [...]

Oct 22 2019


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It's all in the title: PARASITE, a meticulously calibrated, razor sharp masterpiece of humor, horror, and social commentary from Korean writer/director Bong Joon-Ho. "Parasite" which won the Palme d'Or at Cannes 2019-- and the first Korean film to win that honor--subverts all your expectations as it innocently works its way into your psyche. [...]

Oct 11 2019


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Here it is short and sweet--a guide on what to see this weekend onstage! THE LION KING: Disney's extravaganza by way of the movie and local wunderkind Tony Award-winner Julie Taymor, THE LION KING has roared back into town! The show literally emerges grandly from the audience and right up onto the stage [...]