Aug 02 2021


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What could be more fitting for this summer's FREE annual Commonwealth Shakespeare production on the common, than THE TEMPEST? In a season of storms: climatic, pandemic, and politic, and their cross currents: moral ambiguity, familial friction, and racial strife, the brilliant John Douglas Thompson and company deliver a masterpiece of rough magic and earthy wisdom [...]

Jul 11 2021

MOVIE: “SUMMER OF SOUL (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)

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I have finally seen THE movie of the summer-- and perhaps the year: SUMMER OF SOUL (... Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised). "The Roots" drummer turned filmmaker Questlove has excavated buried treasure and turned it into a divine revelation of a feature documentary. The Harlem Culture Festival took place on 6 nights, [...]

Jul 07 2021


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It's as snappy as a bunch of legos, and directed by the guy who gave us THE LEGO MOVIE, Chris McKay, here in his live-action directorial debut. But he hasn't quite figured out the connective tissue that holds human characters together, nor a live-action feature which is its own kind of organism. What we've got [...]

Jun 19 2021

MOVIE: Guest review of “IN THE HEIGHTS”

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A critic's job is never done. I am always trying to learn more and deliver ever more nuanced reviews of the work I see. As a white critic, I am always trying to see beyond the lens of my whiteness. In reviewing IN THE HEIGHTS I didn't understand the lack of representation of Afro-Latino characters [...]

Jun 15 2021

MOVIE: “In The Heights”

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Seven years before the Pulitzer Prize-winning global phenomenon that is HAMILTON opened on Broadway in 2015 and blew the roof off staged musicals forever, creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's first Broadway musical the Tony Award-winning IN THE HEIGHTS opened in the same theater in 2008. Now, like "Hamilton," it's also a movie, a glorious movie more powerful [...]

Jun 02 2021

THEATER: chekhovOS/an experimental game/

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This is the best virtual theater I've seen all pandemic: chekhovOS/an experimental game/.  Conceived and directed by Arlekin Players Theatre founder and artistic director Igor Golyak, this production melds live and pre-taped theater, video, film, and gaming technology into a hybrid that unlocks a new way of understanding the world of Chekhov's plays, even as [...]

May 29 2021


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I've always had a weakness for villainesses. Sleeping Beauty was a snooze compared to the magnificent Maleficent. I adored Snow White; still her ravishing wicked queen of a stepmother was disturbingly alluring. Even that green-complected shrew on a broom who threatened Dorothy, the Wicked Witch of the West (the sheer power of that woman with [...]

May 27 2021


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BLACK BEANS PROJECT the latest virtual undertaking presented by The Huntington is a delicious digital offering and one of the most effective theater experiences offered in a medium tough to scale for theater-goers craving intimacy and drama.  This world premiere one act, two-hander created by Huntington artist-in-residence and Elliot Norton Prize-winner Melinda Lopez and Joel [...]

Apr 29 2021


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BREWMANCE is a tale of a love affair with beer-- but not my father's beer, and Chet and his brothers, my uncles, LOVED beer. They would sit around the backyard at all the family gatherings--barbecues to baptisms--drinking cases of the stuff.  A cousin once drove in from out of state for a family funeral arriving [...]

Apr 21 2021


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After a two month pandemic-induced delay, the OSCARS will happen this SUNDAY NIGHT April 25 at 8 p.m. (ET/5 p.m. PT) on ABC. The 93rd annual Academy Awards honors all things movies! I have reported live from THE red carpet over the course of 20 years as the A & E Anchor for WBZ-TV (CBS- [...]