The 75th EMMY AWARDS are now history and most of last night’s winners are what we expected from THE GOLDEN GLOBES and THE CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS.

But there is so much to know that is precious about those we lost in 2024 I did not know and makes their passing particularly poignant. Two of my colleagues and experts in the field–Bob Males and Stuart Brotman– have shed light on the lives of some of these luminaries beyond the superficial. What I learned was deeply touching and remarkable.

I believe we keep those who’ve died close to us by remembering them. The following article has helped me appreciate those whom I did not personally know in the fullness of their deeds. I now understand how much they have affected our lives beyond any personal connection, altering not only how we see ourselves but also the shape and direction of the world in which we live. Now that the momentary hoopla of the awards is over, click on the link below and celebrate those who live on in memory, inspiring us in the new year as we move forward together…  READ ON: