Feb 11 2020


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It's over! The winners of Oscars 2020 are in and it was an historic night. Here are the highlights and low lights beginning with the evening's BEST moment: ***PARASITE winning four Oscars including the first time in Oscar history that a non-English film, as well as a South Korean film, won Best Picture. [...]

Jan 05 2020

MY TOP 10 MOVIES 2019– GO TO 11

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It was a notably lackluster year for movies. I searched in vain all last spring and most of the summer for something exciting, challenging, beautiful to see. It wasn't until this fall that a tidal wave of smart, absorbing, artful films were released before awards season, and I did my best to stay afloat in [...]

Dec 16 2019

2019 FILM CRITICS AWARDS: Boston Society of Film Critics/Boston Online Film Critics

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The critics have spoken-- and women ruled the Boston Society of Film Critics awards! "Little Women," much of it shot in and around Concord and Boston, topped the list of winners at the 39th installment of the BSFC awards, 2019. We gathered all day Sunday, December 15 to vote the best in 15 [...]

Sep 26 2019


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AT LAST!  The juvenile, CGI-infested, big screen parade of sequels and blockbuster money grabs masquerading as movies have released their chokehold on the marketplace-- and the real movie season has begun! FALL brings serious, smart, entertaining, varied, challenging adult fare to movie theaters and I look forward to stimulating viewing instead of sinking into a [...]

Jul 20 2019


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MUST SEE "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING" a one time only screening event this Monday July 22 at 7:30 on over 800 screens across the US in a special Fathom event! TIX ONSALE HERE! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING is required viewing for anyone who doubts gender discrimination still exists, in Hollywood and wherever Hollywood intersects with [...]

Feb 23 2019


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OK.  The big night is upon us and it's the wild west out there. Not just the Kevin Hart controversy; the cutting telecast categories controversy; the "only Gaga/Kendrick Lamar can sing" controversy; the "popular" movie category controversy; but also that crazy slate of Best Picture nominees with no front runner! Well, the final ballots are [...]

Jan 02 2019


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SO many excellent films came out at the 11th hour-- meaning not until FALL  2018 (ridiculously late I might add), that it has taken me until now to see all the good stuff. Here is a list of my TOP TEN favorite films of 2018.  Many of these films allowed us to see ourselves in [...]

Dec 17 2018

2018 FILM CRITICS AWARDS: Boston Society of Film Critics/Boston Online Film Critics!

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I love this annual marathon meeting-- our 38th-- of the BOSTON SOCIETY OF FILM CRITICS to decide our year end faves! We voted the "Best" in 15 categories topped by our BEST FILM of the year: the stunning IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK written and directed by Barry Jenkins, about a young African American couple in 1970's [...]

Jul 12 2018

MOVIES: Rogers, Whitney, & Ruth

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Once again, I have waded through the summer's action-franchise-superhero swamp to find no new ground broken. "Jurasssic World: Fallen Kingdom" was a fun, velociraptorous romp through a gothic mansion. "Oceans 8" was an entertaining heist with fab female fashion and locations, but a plot full of holes which anchored its all-star female cast to a [...]

May 18 2018


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The first few minutes of this documentary are a tribute to discretion: a montage of talking heads who refuse to talk--and as Diana Vreeland once said, "elegance is refusal." The very fact of this documentary verges on the indiscreet, but I forgave the indiscretion and am thrilled to have had a peek. This is a [...]