So much to see so little time…Here goes!

JOYCES CHOICESNOW OR LATER: It’s a compact 80 minute tour de force about politics, family, “packaging,” and the fine line between compromise and corruption. It builds to an explosive climax that left me breathless– and pouring over the aftermath.  This Huntington Theatre production of the American premiere by Christopher Shinn stars the handsome and talented Grant MacDermott as the gay, college-age son of the candidate –played by the very “presidential” Tom Nelis– who may be about to become the president elect of these UNITED STATES. But while the votes are coming in, it seems that the college boy may have unwittingly sparked a scandal involving freedom of speech and political Islam when a prank is captured on video and goes viral- potentially compromising his father’s potential presidency.

The dialogue is fast, sharp, and furious– a bit too thick to start, (people don’t really talk that way), but quickly finds its rhythm and leaves your head spinning about all the right questions– where do one person’s rights begin and another’s leave off? At what point is compromise a sell-out? Does power always corrupt? And so on. I was gripped and left pondering a point of view I hadn’t quite considered before regarding the Muslim world. DON’T MISS NOW OR LATER at the Calderwood Pavilion through November 10!

THE LYRIC STAGETHE CHOSEN: A lovely  chamber piece based on the novel by Chaim Potok about  two young men both Jewish– one more religiously conservative than the other– and their complicated relationships to each other, their religion, their history, and their fathers. It’s beautifully acted all around; especially touching is the palpable warmth between Zachary Eisenstat as the young Reuven, and Luke Murtha as his orthodox friend Danny. The piece has much to say about compassion, respect, politics, religion and spirituality as these two seek their true paths in the world.There’s a glossary of terms available to help you tell a “macher” from a “Meshugunah,” but the wisdom here is universal; the last line of the play made me catch my breath. SEE  THE CHOSEN at THE LYRIC STAGE COMPANY through November 17!