Oct 18 2016

THEATER: HAMLET takes you to church…!

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              Shakespeare's tragic Prince of indecision, HAMLET, is having a grand staging at Church of the Covenant at the hands of Actors' Shakespeare Project! I've seen the play set everywhere, but this is an inspired venue. Doug Lockwood's direction rises to the challenge and opportunity of the space; though pivoting in my seat to follow the [...]

Oct 16 2016

MOVIE: THE ACCOUNTANT– crunching more than numbers!

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Ben Affleck as THE ACCOUNTANT is crunching more than numbers. This is a real departure for the actor as he brings to life an ass-kicking, Asperger's syndrome, math wiz working his way through an intense labyrinth of secrecy and surprise. The film is a refreshing and well-balanced mix of farflung elements: action, thriller, romantic comedy(!) family dysfunction, and a shout [...]

Oct 13 2016

MOVIE: “THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN” Is A Pretty Slick Ride.

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Movies and plays take most of my time, so I don't have as much time for books. Thus, "The Girl on the Train" the movie, starring Emily Blunt and based on the runaway best seller by Paula Hawkins, was a complete surprise! The trailer is a grabber and I couldn't wait to see the film. When I did, [...]

Oct 06 2016


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A pair of movies now playing at a cineplex near you wear their agendas on their sleeves: each re-tells a true story, skewers its villains, and brings its audience right up close to the imagined scenes of the action whose outcome we already know. Director/co-writer Oliver Stone's SNOWDEN comes with a careful central performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden, computer wiz and infrastructure analyst for the National [...]

Oct 04 2016


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QUEEN OF KATWE is based on one of those impossible but true stories of triumph which has found life on the big screen. Thanks to a cast of talented, affecting actors and a smart, compassionate, and inspiring story teller behind the camera, we learn of an impoverished young girl from Uganda who is introduced to the game of chess-- and becomes [...]

Oct 03 2016


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ENTER TO WIN  passes to the first live event of THE MET 2016-17 Series, TRISTAN UND ISOLDE!  Send an email to fathomeventsboston@gmail.com with (TRISTAN/JOYCE) in the subject line. Please send your full name, age and email address! FREE PASSES will be valid at Showcase Cinema de Lux Legacy Place. A few lucky winners will receive passes to the [...]

Sep 25 2016

THEATER: MACHINE DE CIRQUE will leave you breathless!

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I'm exhausted. A few nights ago I watched 5 French Canadians called MACHINE DE CIRQUE high on guts and testosterone, hurtle through 90 minutes of breathtaking (mine and theirs) acrobatics, juggling, and jocularity using bicycles, trapezes, seesaws, unicycles, ropes and poles, scaffolding and towels--yes towels--which may have been most breathtaking of all. The towels were all that kept them from being in the "all together" and me [...]

Sep 20 2016


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Still catching my breath and catching up with three more on the boards to check out: REGULAR SINGING at NEW REP THEATRE takes the final bite out of the four-part “The Apple Family: Scenes from Life in the Country ” cycle of plays by Tony Award-winning playwright Richard Nelson. We now know this family intimately as [...]

Sep 17 2016


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Here's a tough assignment, but a worthy one- and you have only two more chances to experience it: See BLASTED, presented by Off the Grid Theatre Company. John Kuntz directs a fearless three person cast who in 90 minutes rip our guts out. BLASTED by Sarah Kane forces us to confront the cruelties human beings inflict on one another, in intimate [...]

Sep 16 2016

THEATER: Significant Other, Sunday in the Park With George

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The new theater season is upon us! So much theater, so little time. I've seen 9 plays in the last 9 days! (Already reviewed CHEERS LIVE ON STAGE). Here are two more: Greg Maraio, Kris Sidberry, Sarah Elizabeth Bedard, Jordan Clark. Photo by Justin Saglio SIGNIFICANT OTHER--Rush down to SpeakEasy Stage Company and SEE THIS before it goes to BROADWAY. I [...]