Oct 03 2017

TO SEE & NOT TO SEE: Faceless/Warhol Capote/Exit the King/Men On Boats/A Bright Room Called Day

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Wondering what TO SEE and NOT TO SEE onstage? Here's my take on what I've seen lately: (L to R): Victor Shopov, Aina Adler, Robert Orzalli, Ashley Risteen (Photo by Richard Hall/Silverline Images) FACELESS: SEE it! This New England premiere by young playwright Selina Fillinger and season opener at Zeitgeist Stage Company is [...]

Sep 19 2017


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By any measure, "Merrily We Roll Along" the Huntington Theatre Company's season opener is a first rate show with a brilliant cast, directed by Maria Friedman who recreates her smash hit London production with a challenging book by George Furth about luck and choice, and a Sondheim score that sheds light on those murky twists [...]

Sep 19 2017


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Here are three to see onstage right now beginning with CONSTELLATIONS presented by Underground Railway Theater at the Central Square Theater. This is one of the most fascinating and brilliantly performed productions I've ever seen locally, as emotionally charged as it is intellectually stimulating. I was entranced at first sight of the set-- a luminous, [...]

Aug 31 2017

THEATER/”BURN ALL NIGHT”: End of the World premiere!

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In the last days of summer, an out-of-this-world, world premiere, end-of-the-world musical has sprung up at OBERON (through September 8) the A.R.T.'s second stage where anything can and often does happen. BURN ALL NIGHT seems to be channeling the zeitgeist as it speaks to looming disaster: four millennials trying to find their way through life [...]

Aug 19 2017


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What would you do if you could conjure up deceased friends and relatives and re-visit your past? That is the premise of "Marjorie Prime" a new film based on a Pulitzer Prize-nominated play by Jordan Harrison which made a splash at Sundance. I found the film more suggestive than the play, and it is having [...]

Aug 16 2017


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A few more SCREEN GRABS in the dog days of summer--and none of the following are dogs: DUNKIRK: If you haven't already, see this masterful and intimate experience of the grueling WWII battle when the Nazis had 400,000 Allied troops-- British, French, and Belgian--trapped on the beach at Dunkirk but they never surrendered; [...]

Aug 11 2017

THEATER: “42nd Street”/”Finding Neverland”

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Two musicals have just descended on the Boston area: one old, one new--each with its ups and downs. Mara Cecilia as PEGGY SAWYER First,"Come and meet those dancing feet/On the avenue I'm taking you to/42ND STREET"--now in Waltham at the REAGLE THEATRE just finishing up its 49th season! This is the final weekend of [...]

Aug 08 2017

MOVIES/”DETROIT”: Agonizing Essential Viewing

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After combing through the listings of franchise-fatigued superheroes now clogging big screens everywhere, I've come up with a list of well-made, challenging, and engrossing films for folks as sick of vacuous action adventure as I am. Over the next few days I'll write about the following films that left me reeling: BABY DRIVER, THE BIG [...]

Jul 28 2017

THEATER: Romeo & Juliet/ American Moor

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I can always tell when a production hits the sweet spot for me. Words for my reviews start running through my head and I can't stop them. This week there are TWO such productions which you MUST SEE, both Shakespearean-- one a splendid production of his most popular play, and the other a searing one-man [...]

Jul 26 2017


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Happy summer one and all! A pro-LONG-ed bout of pneumonia and a vacation abroad has kept me away from my website for awhile-- but I'm back up to speed with a slew of movies over the next few days and some "must-see" theater to recommend.  Today I begin with the WOODS HOLE FILM FESTIVAL about [...]