Jan 10 2011


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Gwyneth can sing. This performance with Vince Gill earned her a standing "O" at the recent Country Music Awards. Remember that single Paltrow once recorded with Huey Lewis in 2000 from the movie DUETS? Well the woman's got an appealing voice and is mighty convincing in her latest vocal foray: COUNTRY STRONG about a country [...]

Jan 13 2010


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The late night wars are getting bloodier--and Letterman (thrilled not to be in the middle of it for once) has jumped into the act just as Conan has threatened to jump ship. I'd like to see NBC go down in flames. HOW could they promise Conan five years ago that he could take over the [...]

Dec 31 2009

Movie: NINE

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I've been hearing that folks don't like NINE, and that they are pulling it from theatres because of tepid reviews, and weak box office. I am probably among the few who actually liked this film despite its flaws. The cast is an extraordinary one, and has been used in ways that appeal to me. Who [...]